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Dear customers,

Unfortunately our comfortable and good-looking WEB-store is under construction right now, so we have to use this free web-page to keep you updated and inform about new releases.

On this web-site you can check our catalog with miniatures, which are on sale already.

We accept PayPal payments!

To make an order, please, contact us via klukvaminiatures@gmail.com

Please note, all prices here are for miniatures only. Add 5 EUR for shipping worldwide.

All new WiP images and news you can also find at our official Facebook page, join us!

Have a nice day :-)


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Cyber Beauty will be on sale soon!

Hello, comrades. 

It is great day for us, because we are going to release our first big (74mm scale) miniature which was sculpted by Gautier "Graphigaut" Giroud.

We hope you will love this model and we will try to make perfect castings! 

Tech Monk on sale

Hello, comrades.

We are happy to announce that Tech Monk is finally on sale! 

It was quite trucky to make all these orbs looks like they are floating but i think we made it! 

Resin casted Teck Monk is ~34mm tall. 25mm base included! 

2 new models on sale soon

Hello, comrades.

We are working hard and ready to bring to life 2 new releases.

The first one is Regnier (37mm tall) and the second one is SKull Knight (42mm tall)

These models will be casted in 2 weeks and will be available for purchase.


This miniature was hand-sculpted by fans. All original characters, names, logos, brands and etc. are property of their respective owners and DO NOT belong to KLUKVA miniatures.  

First releases of 2017 are on sale!


We are happy to announe, that we have new models ON SALE!

The first one is Hugo, crazy engineer who really love turrets. 

He is 27mm tall, but 54mm tall on his turret! 40mm round resin base and some engineer stuff included!

The second is Hell Crusader. 

He can stand alone from all dmeons from hell...but he's gonna be alone not for a long ;)

This model is 37mm tall and 40mm scenic resin base included!

Mech-monk on sale soon

Good day, everyone.

New model has been sculpted few days ago, so very soon we are going to release 3 new models on sale!

This model is 32mm scale.

P.S. 1 orb was sculpted, so you can see all 8 floating orbs after we cast them.

Magnetized 2017

May be some of you have already seen Hearthstone card back magnets by Monkey’s Toybox workshop.

From this moment KLUKVA MINIATURES have exclusive rights to sell these magnets unpainted! So just buy it and paint it for yourself. 

All card backs are resin casted. Magnet included.

Magnet size - 7cm (2,75 inch) x 4,5cm (1,77 inch)

Some plans for 2017

Hello, friends.

Year 2016 was very difficult, but positive for us. We had so many nice feedback that we can't wait for year 2017 to release MORE awesome models. ANd we have some new images for you ;) 

New model on sale soon!

Hello, friends!

We are proud to announce that our biggest work is already sculpted and will be on sale soon! 

This dwarf is riding his turret, so total height is ~55mm. 

And this models is our biggest work because it consists of 19 details! 

Samuel is on sale!

We are glad to announce, that our new model "Samuel" is on sale!

This deadly asasin is 36mm tall, so it can fit in almost any Sci-Fi wargame.

Casted in resin.

Sculptor: Sergey Bondar aka "Anastas"

Helga is on sale!


We are happy to announce that Helga is on sale already! She is 34mm tall and casted in resin.

Sculpted by Artem Romanov